25 April 2021

RAPEA - Day 10 - Amish Country Ohio

 Miz T took us on a full day trip to Amish Country for our final day in Marietta. First we went to Sugar Creek OH and stopped at Swiss Country Lawn and Craft. They sell patio and lawn furniture and gazebos outside and inside they have many unique items for house decor.

Next we stopped at Walnut Creek Cheese in Walnut Creek OH. The place was large and the parking lot was packed and once we got inside we knew why. In addition to a smorgasbord of Amish produced meats and cheeses there were a variety of bulk seasonings, flours, grains, fresh churned butter and other baking needs. Every type of vintage candy you could name and a few I'd never heard of filled two whole aisles. And I do believe they had dipped pretzels in every flavor imaginable! There were infused olive oils, jams, butters, sauces, relishes...all with the Walnut Creek label and everything with with that label was produced just down the road. We loaded up the car with bags of meat, cheeses and sweets and headed off to lunch because now we were starving.

There is a restaurant upstairs at Walnut Creek Cheese but Miz T really wanted us to experience the massive buffet at Mrs Yoders Kitchen in Mt Hope OH but by the time we got there they were packed and the line waiting to get in was too long. Oh well, there's always next time.

We decided we'd eat at Cracker Barrel but that was on the 2hr ride back to her house and we still had one more stop to make. So we stopped at a little store for tea and juice drinks, broke open our goodies from Walnut Creek and had an impromptu picnic in the car while sharing all the meats and cheeses with a box of Triscuits just to hold us off until then.

Our last stop in Amish Country was the piece de resistance or the best part of the trip in case you don't speak French. We went to Lehman's in Kidron OH. This place is incredible! It's part hardware, part vintage, part museum, part amusement park and all fantastic. The first thing it said on the little flyer I picked up at the entrance with instructions on how to tour Lehman's was to allow two hours to get the full effect. I could have stayed for an entire day if I had an unlimited budget and a U-Haul truck. They sold everything under the sun. 

But I believe the one thing we were most affected by was the display in the old barn to the right just as you come in. I had read about it but I had never seen anything like it and my pictures just don't do it justice. But I found this video on YouTube by Mr Lehman himself and maybe you'll get a better idea of why it affected us so deeply.

MTC considering a new laundry device.

An upgrade for the one holer.

Laundry Day

Is it just me or does that look like Rosie from the Jetson's on the top shelf?

I want these for my kitchen but I can't decide...red or white?

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