03 May 2021

RAPEA - Day 18 - Part 1 - Glenpool OK to Shamrock TX via Route 66, John Kilpatrick Turnpike and I40

Today began as another dark, dreary day with the threat of a downpour imminent but we arrived at our destination in sunshine with a few fluffy clouds. So all in all it was another great day on the road.

Today was another snap happy frenzy. We began our day with a stop in Sapulpa OK just down the road from Glenpool. Here we found Bridge #18 at Rock Creek on Route 66. It was built in 1924 and served as part of the Old Ozark Trail. It became part of Route 66 in 1926. My fascination with this bridge, besides it being in better condition than some I've seen (it's still drivable), is that it has a brick road bed. I haven't seen that before. Cool, huh?

We stayed on Route 66 but didn't stop again until we reached Arcadia OK. Just after entering the city limits we pulled off the road to allow someone who was in a bigger hurry than us to pass. Right in front of the local constabulary. And I happened to realize we were right across the road from the now defunct Hillbillee's Cafe and BnB. It looked like it might have been a rockin' place to stay back in the day. It's right across the road from the 66 Lake Stop Convenience Store.

Just down the road a piece is the Arcadia Round Barn which was completed in 1898. Lovingly ensconced in its circular frame is a time capsule of all things Arcadia. The works of my beloved Bob Waldmire even made the cut. The original owner, William Harrison Odor did not obtain the land as a participant of the Land Run of 1889, however the land where the round barn stands was part of the 320 acre farm he and his wife purchased in 1896. And they managed to accomplish this on two teacher's salaries! Imagine trying to accomplish that today! The Round Barn Rendezvous was just setting up as we departed. I would have loved to hear them play with the acoustics in that old barn but Shamrock TX was beckoning and we had many miles to cover before check-in.

Just down the street and around the bend we stopped at the infamous Pops 66 Soda Ranch where we quenched both the van's thirst and mine. Now I'm more of a sweet tea kinda gal than a soda pop drinker, but when at Pops...and this Henry Weinhard's Vanilla Cream was just calling my name. Online I have seen the night shots of that big bottle outside as it bursts into a kaleidescope of colors against the night sky and it's amazing.

Just before I entered the store I was intrigued by this pickup truck that pulled up. Two senior gentlemen with military bearing exited the vehicle right behind the large pop bottle and immediately started unloading US Flags from the bed. They walked to the edge of the grass in front of the bottle right next to the road and started planting the flags. I met one of the gentlemen as he returned to the truck for more supplies. I thanked him for both his prior service and the service he was still providing to his country on this day. He shook my hand and presented me with a wrist band. Once I got to my room and started researching this group of Patriots, Stand Up For America (NOT to be confused with Stand Up America or Stand For America), I was dismayed that the only information I could find is the linked photo gallery from the Oklahoman. As I flipped through the photos I was astonished to find the man who shook my hand. He was none other than the COL Leonard B Scott (Retired), who goes by Old Ranger, author of a multitude of military/action adventure novels beginning in 1985 and continuing today. Some of which I've read! Look him up on Amazon and Penguin Books. Theirs is evidently a local grass roots organization of Patriots with no online presence of which to speak. We need more Old Rangers in this country! Patriots who aren't afraid to speak up and stand up for what they believe in! As the late, great Irish statesman Edmund Burke once stated in a letter to Thomas Mercer, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Ronald Reagan believed that "Standing Up For America means standing up for the God who has so blessed our land."  I will wear my Stand Up For America bracelet for the rest of my days with honor.

In the interest of time, we hopped off of Route 66 shortly after Pops and skirted Oklahoma City by way of the John Kilpatrick Turnpike and I40 and continued on I40 until the exit that eventually brought us to the magically delicious Shamrock TX which deserves a blog all to itself. The sights, the people and the food here have all been transformative to my soul. But it's well after midnight and tomorrow is another travel day so Adios Amigos! Hasta Manana!

And thus concludes the Spanish lesson for the only Spanish I know.

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