07 May 2021

RAPEA - Day 23 - Ruidoso NM to Tucumcari NM via Roswell NM and US 70

What a roller coaster today has been! The first thing I spotted on US70 right around Hondo NM made me laugh. "No face diapers required!", proclaimed the sign outside the Tangle Y Wood and Art. I believe that's the first bit of anarchy I've seen in these parts!

Further along near Picacho NM we pulled over so I could get a picture of this old house. It looks like it may have been a way station a very long time ago. Across the road I spotted these 2 white horses grazing under a blue sky.

Then it was on to Roswell where I snapped this Welcome Sign area just outside of town. In town,  we went to the Chavis County Magistrate Courthouse at Roswell Pioneer Plaza. Everything was great until the flag out front was pointed out to me. It was quite frayed. Really Roswell? You could do better!

Back on the road we headed to Tucumcari NM to rejoin Route 66. The closer we got, the darker the skies became. I wanted to stop at a few places to take some snaps before we checked into the motel for the night. Just as I was finishing up my 3rd and final stop the downpour started. We headed for the hotel only to discover a very harried clerk at the counter who stated their computer system was down and he couldn't accept credit cards. So we said we'd go to dinner and return.

We went to Del's Restaurant, which is a Route 66 staple in Tucumcari, at the urging of a cowboy we met in the lobby of the motel. It was wonderful! the price was reasonable, the food was great and the ambience was nice. We discovered while we were there that their computers were down too.

After dinner we headed back to the motel and informed the clerk about Del's computers being down too. We paid cash for the rooms and finished our day under cold, soggy skies.

Sorry it's so short and sweet today but for some reason today wore me out so I'm going to head my body's request for a nice long sleep tonight and crash early. 

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